Verminous And Extreme Hoard House Clearance

We have a team that specialises in clearing extreme hoards and verminous houses. We deal with these types of properties on a regular basis (see before and after photos). No matter how bad you think it may be WE CAN CLEAR IT FOR YOU! We are fully licensed, we have all the required facilities and our staff are trained to the highest level to deal with these kind of properties:

  • Extreme clutter
  • Vermin infestation – rats/mice/insects
  • Animal or human by-waste such as feces or blood – This service comes with extra charge due to additional licensing and PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • Moldy and insanitary food and drink products
  • Bad smells
  • Interior moist/molding in the property
After over 20 years in the house clearance industry there is not a lot that we haven’t seen – hopefully this will put your mind more at ease if you are requiring this type of clearance. So DON’T BE SHY we are HERE TO HELP. 
To learn more about our services or to fill us on the situation and recieve a free quote email us at: or call us on: 07731383671


Verminous & Extreme Hoarded House Clearance Examples

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