How Much Does House Clearance Cost?

One of the most common questions that we get asked by people inquiring about a house clearance is on average how much does house clearance cost?


How Much Does It Cost For A House Clearance

Different house clearance firms will quote/charge different prices but some prices may sound too good to be true and if this is the case… they most likely are. A legitimate house clearance company can not afford to offer their services for ‘next to nothing’ due to the fee’s they (a legitimate company) will incur when carrying out a house clearance. We will break down the expenses of a standard house clearance when carried out by a legitimate company to allow you to better understand why it costs what it costs to get a house cleared.

It’s always worth using a reputable and licensed company beacuse YOUR WASTE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and if your waste is fly-tipped it can be traced back to you and you will ultimately PAY THE PRICE.

House Clearance Average Cost

The average cost a typical house clearance (that is done legitimately) can be broken down into four main areas of expense:

  1. Recycling waste legally at recycling centers
  2. Staff / employee wages
  3. House clearance vehicle costs – maintenance, fuel and road tax
  4. General costs to run a legitimate business – Licenses, website fees, office rent, insurances and so on

The prices below are based on an average standard 3 bedroom house clearance.

1- Recycling/Disposing Of Waste

Disposing of waste responsibly and legally is a house clearance companies biggest expense.

The average price to empty a luton van load full of house clearance waste is around £200-£300 +vat.

2- Staff And Employee Wages

We usually send a team of three fully trained professional members of staff to each property that requires a house clearance.

Their pay, insurance cover and pensions will amount to approx £215 per day.

3- Vehicle Costs

There are various charges that come with having a van on the road every day which are; maintenance, road tax, driver insurance costs and fuel.

All charges added up amount to around £100 daily.

4- Genral Costs Of Running A Legitimate Company

To run a legitimate house clearance company that runs smoothly and that operates within the confines of UK law you have to pay your way. These costs include – Waste carriers license, public liability insurances, website maintenance, office rent, electricity and so on.

These fee’s amount to around £90 per day.


The average cost of a house clearance typically ranges between £525 and £695. The specific cost of a house clearance can vary based on your geographic location within the country. Different companies have diverse services and pricing structures, which can also be influenced by the region or the level of stuff in the property.

What If Extra Van Loads Are Required?

If additional van loads are required to get the property cleared we charge just 50% of the original quote per extra load.

Extreme Hoards Or Verminous Properties

If a property is extremely cluttered and hoarded and/or is verminous (infested with rats/human or animal feces/needles/urine) then a one price quote would be better suited for both parties based on the fact that these types of properties come with their own individual complexities and potential problems. If you have a property that falls into this category give us a call and discuss your situation and requirements.

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