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House clearances can be a daunting process but don’t worry we are here to help, we like to make them as easy and stress-free as possible for all of our customers.

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We take huge pride in being a fully licensed and insured service provider when it comes to property clearance, helping hundreds of people per year. We can handle any size property and are able to get the job done in a timely manner, ensuring that our client’s needs are always met. Our team of experienced house clearance specialists are able to sort through items efficiently, making sure that anything of sentimental or monitary value is kept aside and everything else will be recycled, unless it is re-usable in which case it will be donated to charity. We are also extremely proud that we’ve never had a complaint to date!

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North Shields House Clearance NE26 Case Study

Last week, a lady approached us with a pressing request for help with the house clearance of her late father’s home in North Shields. She was distressed about the situation as her father had fallen ill and taken to hoarding after the passing of her mother. We empathized with her and reassured her that we understand the emotional toll that hoarder’s clearances can take, and that our team would handle everything for her and her sister with care.

We also addressed her concerns about the payment, as she didn’t have the funds until after the sale of the property. We explained our policy of not requiring upfront deposits and that we were happy to work directly with her solicitor to receive payment later on.

Within two days, our hoarded house clearance specialists arrived at the property and began the challenging task of clearing the cluttered and neglected home. Despite the house being packed with six-foot-high piles of clothes and papers in every room, our team worked tirelessly for two full days to fully clear the property.

Our team also made an effort to recycle and donate as much as possible to charity, while also keeping an eye out for any important or sentimental items such as medals, personal belongings, and certificates. An additional issue that arose during the clearance was the discovery of mice, but our team took care of it by arranging for cleaners to attend immediately after the clearance.

The lady was grateful for our swift and sensitive handling of the hoarded house clearance, and for taking care of the emotional burden of clearing her late father’s home.

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