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House clearances can be a daunting process but don’t worry we are here to help, we like to make them as easy and stress-free as possible for all of our customers.

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We take huge pride in being a fully licensed and insured service provider when it comes to property clearance, helping hundreds of people per year. We can handle any size property and are able to get the job done in a timely manner, ensuring that our client’s needs are always met. Our team of experienced house clearance specialists are able to sort through items efficiently, making sure that anything of sentimental or monitary value is kept aside and everything else will be recycled, unless it is re-usable in which case it will be donated to charity. We are also extremely proud that we’ve never had a complaint to date!

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Newcastle House Clearance NE1 Case Study

A client reached out to us seeking assistance with clearing a 3 bedroom flat located in an affluent area of Newcastle City Center. After retiring, the client and his family desired to relocate to the countryside and start fresh with new furnishings, etc that were already at his new home. To make this a reality, the client asked for our help in clearing most of the house, with the exception of some furniture and personal items that he wanted to transport to his new home.


In response, we dispatched a team of three of our house clearance specialists and to go and get the job done. Our customer had expressed that he hoped for it to be cleared in one day so he could get on his way to his new home. The team arrived early in the morning and immediately began collecting the items marked for moving (to our customers new house). Special care was taken in handling valuable furniture pieces and artworks during transportation to the customer’s new home.

Our retail unit also helped in selling the high-quality furniture, reducing the bill for our customer. The remaining furniture and items from the house clearance in Newcastle were donated to a charity in Westerhope, Newcastle, who expressed their gratitude. As a result, nothing needed to be disposed of, as everything was either sold, or donated to charity (and some transported to the customers new house).

Customer Comments

Our customer was highly satisfied with the service provided by our staff and commented, “Your staff were brilliant, and I couldn’t have done it without such professionals.”

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