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House Clearance Service in West Yorkshire: Thornhill, Headingley, Holbeck, Horsforth, Hyde Park, Gipton, Kippax, Kirkstall, Ledsham and all other areas.

Our fully trained staff clear everything from the house and also clear any outbuildings, lofts, garages and sheds if required. We empty the full contents of the property from top to bottom lifting all the carpets (if required) and disconnect and remove any kitchen appliances such as cookers and washing machines. No extra charges for fridges, freezers or mattresses.

We are fully licensed with the environment agency and members of AFTA – The Anti Fly Tipping Association of the UK.

House Clearance Service In Guiseley-Yeadon - West Yorkshire

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House Clearance Guiseley-Yeadon Case Study

Our team carry out property clearances in Guiseley-Yeadon and other areas of West Yorkshire on a regular basis. Below is a case study of a recent property clearance carried out on behalf of a customer in Guiseley-Yeadon:

Customer Requirements

We received correspondence from our customer regarding the decluttering of their deceased parent’s abode, which was described as somewhat disordered and crammed with personal effects. Although certain items were earmarked for retention by the family, the majority were to be removed.


In accordance with our standard protocol, we requested that the client selectively set aside any items possessing emotional or financial significance. Given the substantial accumulation of possessions in the residence, the client requested additional assistance in this regard. Accordingly, our personnel arrived early to facilitate the identification and retrieval of any remaining personal effects, while two other members of our team commenced removal of bulkier items. Once only the remaining items that required disposal remained, our house clearance team diligently boxed and bagged them before proceeding to load them into our van. While the majority of the items did not qualify for donation to charity and were subsequently directed to a local trade waste facility for recycling, a portion of the goods was assessed to be potentially suitable for charitable contribution and thus were thoughtfully reserved.


The client was exceedingly pleased with the invaluable aid rendered by our personnel in facilitating the retrieval and relocation of the personal effects to be retained prior to initiating the house clearance process.

What If The Property Needs Cleaned?

We offer a same day cleaning service for an additional fee after the clearance is complete which is ideal if the property is going up for rent or sale. Learn More about our Domestic Property Cleaning Services.

Genuine House Clearance Client Recommendations

Please beware when using the services of a house clearance company that undercharges. Many of our past customers have asked why there is such a difference in what some companies charge compared to others and the answer is – the biggest expense a legitimate house clearance company incurs is disposing of waste legally. So be aware of any companies who quote a ridiculously low price as they are most likely disposing of the waste illegaly. It always pays to use a fully licensed, reputable company because in the end it is you who will pay the price if your waste is fly-tipped. Read our How Much Does House Clearance Cost Guide

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us for a free no-obligation quote or to learn more about our services. Or read our House Clearance FAQ’s.

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