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Complete Property Clearance Fenham

We provide full house clearance services covering all areas of Fenham. We take great pride in our reputation amongst both our customers and the various UK trade associations that we are members of. We always see a house clearance through to completion and guarantee to clear everything including:

  • Furniture
  • Electrical items
  • All types of rubbish
  • Kitchen appliances, including washers and cookers (we also disconnect them if need be)
  • Everything else in between

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  • Call us on 07375629910 or use the contact form and we’ll contact you.
  • Answer some simple questions about the property.
  • Schedule an appointment (we only require 48 hours notice).
  • Our team arrives at 9am on the appointment day.
  • We ALWAYS set aside reusable, charitable, sentimental, or valuable items.
  • Receive an invoice for payment by card, cash, or bank transfer after the clearance.


Fenham House Clearance Recent Case Study


In this case study, we will focus on a recent house clearance carried out in the Fenham area of Newcastle. Our aim is to provide a detailed account of the process, specifically in the Fenham locality.

Client’s Situation

Our customer needed a house clearance in the Fenham area of Newcastle. She had recently inherited a property that required complete clearance before it could be put on the market.

Our Approach

Our dedicated team arrived promptly at 9 am, as is our standard practice for all house clearances. We utilized our spacious Luton van to handle the task efficiently. The property held a variety of belongings, ranging from furniture to appliances to smalls to personal effects.

Our primary focus was to ensure a thorough and responsible clearance. We sorted through the contents, with particular attention to identifying items suitable for charity donation and any items with potential monetary value for our customer. They also had specific sentimental items that she wished to retain, which we handled with the utmost care as we found them.

Challenges Faced

The Fenham area, characterized by a mix of property sizes and layouts, presented certain logistical challenges. The property’s layout had narrow hallways and tight spaces that required extra care when handling items during the clearance process. Our team implemented careful planning to navigate these challenges efficiently.


With careful planning and hard work, we successfully completed the house clearance in Fenham, Newcastle. To provide a more detailed view, the clearance required multiple van loads which were taken to a nearby recycling center.

During the process, we identified various items of interest, including collectibles, antique pieces, and usable household goods. These items were all taken to charity.


This case study focused on our approach to a recent house clearance in the Fenham area of Newcastle. We emphasize efficiency, value identification, and environmental responsibility in the process. If you require a dependable and dedicated property clearance service anywhere in Newcastle Upon Tyne, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are committed to assisting you with your needs while ensuring a responsible and sustainable approach.

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