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Recent House Clearance Chilton Customer Reviews

Our team carry out house clearances in Chilton and other areas of Durham on a regular basis. See what some of our recent customers had to say about our services.

House Clearance Chilton: Alington Close

So the van pulled up at 9am as schedualed and I was very nervous not knowing what to expect but after spending five minutes chatting with the staff and getting to know them a little bit my mind was immediatiely at ease. I could see that they were nice friendly men and they were happy to be there and help me. As for the job itself they done a brilliant job and I couldn’t rate them highly enough.

House Clearance Chilton: Denebridge Row

A huge mix of emotions getting a deceased loved ones home cleared and its something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. The boss and the staff at Fast house clearance made it a lot easier and although it was still very sad at least I didn’t have to add stress or frustration to the mix. Absolute fantastic help and I’m very pleased with their services.

House Clearance Chilton: Charlotte Terrace

I’m very impressed with the way you run your company and how trained your staff are, I could tell they knew exactly what they were doing and just got on with it all day, I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.

House Clearance Chilton: Miners Court

I still can’t get over how easy that was. I called three days ago and within two days their van was pulled up outside. The staff were great and got the place cleared in no time, I thought the whole process would take weeks. How wrong was I! thank you Fast House Clearance.

House Clearance Chilton: Lyndhurst Road

I’m so glad to have met ‘the dream team’ as I liked to call them because of how well they worked together. Dave the driver packed the van as the other two younger lads kept bringing him stuff out the house, they had it done so fast, can tellthey’ve done it a million times. I highly recommend.

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