House Clearance Charity Donations

At Fast House Clearance, we understand how emotionally challenging it can be to clear out a house, especially when it belonged to a loved one who has passed away. We believe that the contents of a home are not just “junk,” but rather a collection of memories and possessions that have accumulated over a lifetime.

That’s why we strive to donate as much as possible from each house clearance to local and national charities, helping those in need while also respecting the sentimental value of the items being donated.

We make sure to carefully go through every item in a house to determine its suitability for donation. General household items from a house clearance such as plates, cutlery, and pots and pans are always welcome at charities.

Many organizations also have the facilities to accept larger items like furniture, so it’s often possible to donate wardrobes, drawers, beds, and other pieces from a house clearance. Food bank charities will even take tins and packets of non-perishable food to help combat food poverty.

Charities, charity shops, and homeless shelters will often accept linens, towels, bedding and clothes in good condition, while animal shelters are usually grateful to receive blankets, bedding, and towels that may be in lesser condition.

Rescue charities for dogs and other animals, for example, go through a lot of textiles for animal bedding and are always in need of donations so we are always glad to help.

At Fast House Clearance, we prioritize donating items to charities, then recycling what’s left, with the ultimate goal of minimizing the amount that ends up in landfills. By doing so, we not only support charities and the environment, but also honor the memory of your loved one by ensuring that their possessions make a positive impact on the lives of others.

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