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We provide nationwide property clearance services to clients anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales. We have a branch which covers the whole of Greater Manchester including Bury.

We offer a full House contents clearance service in Bury which involves the clearing of everything including furniture, electricals, all rubbish, kitchen appliances such as washers and cookers (we also disconnect them if required), carpets and everything in between. We carry each job out in a timely, efficient and courteous manner.

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House Clearance Service In Bury

  1.  Contact us for a FREE no-obligation quote using our contact form,email or call us on 07731383671
  2.  We will ask you a few simple questions regarding the size of the property and any specific requirements.
  3.  We will provide you with a quote and book a date which suits your schedule, we usually only require 48hrs notice.
  4.  A team of 3 house clearance specialists will arrive at 9am on the day of the appointment and stay until the property is cleared.
  5.  Once the property is cleared we will provide you with an invoice for your records which is payable by card, cash or bank transfer.

Why Choose Us?

House Clearance Bury Case Study

Our Greater Manchester team carry out property clearances in Bury on a regular basis. Below is a case study of a recent property clearance carried out on behalf of a customer in Bury:

Case Study

We were recently contacted by a customer in who needed our help to clear their late uncle’s three-bedroom semi-detached house in Bury. Their uncle had been an antique collector, so the customer provided us with a list of specific antiques and collectables to keep an eye out for, which were to be handed over to them if found. We understood the importance of these items and made sure to prioritize their safe retrieval during the clearance.

When our team arrived at the house, we were met with a large amount of furniture, household items, and antiques. This was the most time consuming because there were so many collectables in the property, our staff didn’t know what was to go and what was to stay (apart from the items on the list of course). We were able to find all the items on the customer’s list and stored them in the small upstairs bedroom for safekeeping.

As we were working, we had to work around other staff members from an auction house who were there to collect the valuables that were being placed into auction. We communicated with the other staff to ensure that we were not interfering with each other’s work and that everything was being handled safely and efficiently.

The clearance took three van loads, with one van load being donated to charity and the rest being recycled. We made sure that everything was properly disposed of, and any items of value were handed over to the customer.

The customer was extremely happy with the results, especially with the safe retrieval and storage of the antiques. They were also pleased that we were able to work around the other staff members and get the job done quickly and efficiently.


"Wow, what a day! It was absolutely hectic having the auction show up at the same time as your team even though they weren't supposed to arrive until mid-day. But your staff were absolute stars and worked around them even though I know it must of been annoying for them. Absolutely brilliant service and amazing staff, thank you so much!"

Our Bereavement House Clearance Service

We understand that bereavement house clearances or a clearance following a death can be a sensitive situation and a difficult time for the grieving family. We aim to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible for our customers that are seeking a house clearance following the death of a loved one.and our staff are always respectful and courteous.

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What If The Property Needs Cleaned?

We offer a same day one-off cleaning service for any job we do in Bury for an additional fee after the clearance is complete which is ideal if the property is going up for rent or sale. When you contact us, simply explain what needs to be done and we will provide you with an additional quote for the clean.

This is what our one off cleaning service entails:

  • Kitchen sink
  • Bench tops
  • Exterior of cupboard doors
  • Appliances
  • Mopping, sweeping or vaccuming of floors
  • Skirting boards and doors
  • Dusting of cobwebs
  • Skirting boards
  • Doors
  • Window frames and internal windows
  • All types of floors – Vaccum and or mopped
  • Dusting of cobwebs and thick dust
  • Socket and light switch covers
  • Stair carpet vaccuming
  • Bannister/wood work cleaning
  • Bathtub / shower area
  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Windows and frames
  • Skirting boards and tiles
  • Mopping, sweeping or vaccuming of floor
  • Fitted cabinet exteriors
  • Back and front of doors
  • Dusting of cobwebs

Beware Of Rogue Operators

Please beware when using the services of a house clearance company that undercharges. Many of our past customers have asked why there is such a difference in what some companies charge compared to others and the answer is – the biggest expense a legitimate house clearance company incurs is disposing of waste legally.

So be aware of any companies who quote a ridiculously low price as they are most likely disposing of the waste illegaly. It always pays to use a fully licensed, reputable company because in the end it is you who will pay the price if your waste is fly-tipped.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us for a free no-obligation quote or to learn more about our services. Or feel free to read our House Clearance FAQ’s.

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