House Clearance Alnwick NE66 Case Study

House clearances can be a daunting process but don’t worry we are here to help, we like to make them as easy and stress-free as possible for all of our customers.

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We take huge pride in being a fully licensed and insured service provider when it comes to property clearance, helping hundreds of people per year. We can handle any size property and are able to get the job done in a timely manner, ensuring that our client’s needs are always met. Our team of experienced house clearance specialists are able to sort through items efficiently, making sure that anything of sentimental or monitary value is kept aside and everything else will be recycled, unless it is re-usable in which case it will be donated to charity. We are also extremely proud that we’ve never had a complaint to date!

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Alnwick House Clearance NE66 Case Study

We had to collect the keys from another location around three miles away before we could set off for the property assigned to us by a family friend in Alnwick. Fortunately, we managed to arrive before 9:00 AM to start working.

Three members of staff arrived in our furniture luton van for the clearance. The property was full of mainly loose pieces and about one van load of furniture. Our house clearance team were able to successfully pack four tonnes of material from the house in three van loads. After investing six hours packing, sorting and clearing the place, they handed back the keys to the client once the job was complete.

We got rid of the first two van loads at a local recycling facility, and subsequently sent the last load to a sorting centre for redistribution or donation.

Nice and straight forward, the job was a success for us and our customer who was very pleased that we got it done in one day.

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