Genuine House Clearance Recommendations From Customers

If you would like to inquire about a house clearance, Simply contact us via email at: or call us on: 07731383671

What Happens Next?

  • We will ask a few simple questions and learn more about the property in question and better understand the situation.
  • We’ll arrange a date and book you in – we usually only require 24 hours notice.
  • On the day of the appointment our team will arrive at the property at 9am and stay until the property is emptied.
  • We ALWAYS keep anything that can be donated to charity or re-used to one side. Or anything else that is specified by you such as personal or private belongings.
  • Once the clearance is complete we will provide you with an invoice for your records.
If you have any questions you can also see our House Clearance FAQs.

We know house clearances can be a daunting proccess which is why we aim to make them as easy and stress free as possible for all of our customers

I called Fast House Clearance at the end of last week and booked them to clear my parents house for the folllowing Monday. I was very pleased with their services, they arrived on time in a very large van and got the full house cleared in a couple of hours managing to fit everything in one load. I will reccommend their Fast House Clearance to anyone needing a property cleared. Thanks, Felix Thackray.
Felix Thackray
Thank you to the fast house clearance team, they did an amazing job clearing my moms house. My moms health sadly deteriated in her last years and she struggled to take care of the house so I know it was a pain to clear but the staff were brilliant and got it all cleared in one day. Again thank you so much.
Anna Scott
I couldn't be more pleased with your services and your staff. They showed up on time and worked really hard all day. One of your staff handed me a box full of family photo's from the loft that I didn't even know were there and it made my day so thank you for not only your services but for being so friendly and professional throughout the day.
Jennifer Hall
I'm a landlord of several properties in Durham which I rent out to mostly students. They aren't always the best tennants and sometimes damage furniture or leave the place a wreck. Every time I need my properties cleared and cleaned I use Fast House Clearance because they have never let me down once. They are always fast, reliable and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone because you get great value for your money with their services. Thanks again.
Joseph Wellburn
Just a quick thank you to the lads from Fast House Clearance company, they were spot on and worked hard all day until the job was done. They just got on with it hassle-free even though the place was a tip especially the garrage so thank you lads. I Would definitely recommend your services.
Gordon Newsome
I called Fast House Clearance to come and clear my late parents home and they arrived on time on the day we agreed on and started working straight away. I expected it to take a few days because it was fairly cluttered but the staff were brilliant! They were very friendly and patient with my requests. I would highly recommend your services to anyone needing a house clearance.
Marcus Shiels
Sadly I had to recently get my late Grandmother's flat in Glasgow cleared. I could not be there as I live in London so I was happy to hear that the team from Fast House Clearance could pick the keys up from a neighbour on the day of the clearance. I was shocked as it was the easiest process ever, I emailed a list of things to look out for such as sentimental/valuable item's and they sent me photos throughout the day showing me what was there. Once they finished they sent photo's and I was very satisfied. Thanks.
Michael Wakefield
Sadly my mother passed away and I had to get her home cleared to put it into auction. I contacted Fast House Clearance and they were very efficient and booked me in for two days later. They arrived on time and cleared the house hassle-free. I was abit embarrased because it was very cluttered due to my mother's weakened state before she passed but they were all really friendly and said they have seen much worse which put my mind at ease. Thank you for helping me out with this sad situation.
Layla Watson
I am very pleased with the professional and compassionate service that Fast House Clearance provided recently whilst clearing my late mothers home. As you can appreciate, not an easy time for our family but they listened to our requirements and ensured the team conducted themselves professionaly with the utmost compassion and respect for my Mums possessions. I thoroughly recommend Fast House Clearance.
Jamie Mullarky
I couldn't be happier with the dedication and service from Fast House Clearance. From initial contact, meeting to see what was required to the work done and the final task of cleaning, it was all brilliant and fast. It's not a easy time dealing with family illness which results in a suddenly vacated family home, but their team were fantastic and understanding throughout. If you find yourself in need of a friendly, fast and cost effective service, call Fast House Clearance.
Jannet Todd
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